Doctrinal Statement


Grow in your faith
Our educational offer is taught from a Christian perspective and our faculty serves as a mentor sharing knowledge, skills, experiences, learning, advice, information and guidance to our students. Our mission is to train leaders for the service of God and Christ: we are committed to defending them as you study to advance in your area of work, become a leader in your industry, field, or start a new career.

We are committed to integrity and excellence in life, profession, and business. The consideration of different points of view, and the collegiality in all our ministerial and academic work. Our university community aims to create an ideal environment to learn and thrive.

Tau Divinity University subscribes the following principles:

     * We are researchers and teachers of the Torah and the New Testament (the Bible), and we accept GOD and all that THE ETERNAL implies in the creation of the world. We believe in his existence as a unique and omnipotent Creator; to know that He exercises continuous Providence over the universe, that He is the Force that dictates all natural laws, and that He supports and provides all creatures, from the smallest to the greatest.

     * We accept Jesus of Nazareth (Yeshua / Jesus Christ) as the Messiah of GOD and all that this implies for our discipleship and salvation.

     * We believe in freedom of expression. Each individual must be stimulated to develop their personal theology.

    * We believe that all human beings must fight for peace. All people must avoid the inhumanity of man towards man.
    * We believe in the sanctity of the family unit. We must all strive towards the survival of the family.
    * We believe in the eternal search for Truth.
    * We believe in the value and dignity of each individual. All people have the same right to life, freedom and justice, and no idea, or philosophy is greater than a single human life.
    * We believe in the importance of doing the right thing. By doing the right thing, we are striving to make a better world. This includes establishing courts of justice to implement compliance with those laws.
    * We believe in the strength of love. This principle always seeks the welfare of others and never seeks to harm or destroy.

    * We believe that every person of faith should feel a personal obligation in the following Commandments, click here.

We believe that the Divine Messiah came to spread the Torah for the Redemption of Jews and non-Jews in one people, united in the bond of Torah in Yeshua the Messiah through the Rúaj Hakodesh (Holy Spirit).

The Holy Spirit Rúaj hakodesh, in Judaism, also called Divine Inspiration, generally refers to the inspiration through which tuned individuals perceive and channel the Divine through action, writing, or speech. Through this, they attain a certain degree of prophetic knowledge, and possibly pass it on to others.

The phrase Rúaj hakodesh is used in the Tanach and in other writings to refer to the spirit of inspiration mentioned above, or to the general and permanent revelation of the Divine Presence, also known as the Shekhinah.

We do not make any kind of conversion to Judaism or Christianity. We believe that the genuine search for the Eternal God, of his truth is sufficient for every human being.



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