Doctrinal Statement


In TAU Divinity University (TDU) we celebrate the glory of God. We believe and teach the essential doctrines of the commonly-held, historical the Judeo-Christian faith, biblical (Old and New Testaments) and conservative, but with a  non-sectarian approach to religious and theological studies for those also who profess other religions and desire to study a degree program in TDU; guided, though, by the precepts of their own religion:

God is the creator of all that exists; and He alone should be worshiped as absolute ruler of the universe.

We believe in seeking the truth and strengthening our own personal theology, specially as lovers of God.
We believe that Jesus Chist is the Messiah.
We believe that humans must fight for a better world reflecting the vision, the will and the peace of God.  
We believe in the sanctity of the family union and in efforts for the survival of the family.
We believe that the value and dignity of each individual can be improved.
We believe in respect for the value of diversity, for minority groups and for the freedom of expression. 
We believe that Biblical studies share the same etymology as the Hebrew word ora, which means "light", enlighten the mind, because its teachings shed light on life and show which way to take. His study is a commandment (mitzvah); In fact, the greatest commandment we have.

We promote:

Being respectful, lovers of the study, work and ethics, good fellows or neighbors. 
The values of  Religion, Family and Society are the heart of our teachings.
The progressive character and a critical attitude in research.
The assertive and respectful behavior towards others.
Support democracy and the values of freedom, the right to life and to justice.
The seeking of wisdom, which is achieved through knowledge of the person, Bible studies and prayer, root of virtues and prosecutor of all good.


Faith, added to your dreams and hard work to make them come true, are the successful formula that will bring you security and prosperity.

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