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Main academic documents that graduates receive

Image Official Diploma degree Tau Divinity University



Image Official Transcript Tau Divinity University

Example only Notary Public

Notarized Diploma (Example Only)

Our US students will receive their title and notes in English duly notarized.

International students from countries signing the Hague Convention will receive their degrees in English, duly Apostilled by the respective US authorities. "The apostille procedure will certify the authenticity of the signing of public documents in a country signing the Convention of The Hague, of October 5, 1961, by which the requirement of legalization of Foreign Public Documents that must take effect in another country signing it is abolished.With all this, the graduate of TAU, manages to consolidate his Curriculum at an international level "

Students from countries not affiliated to the Hague Convention, must apply to the University for the procedure of consular legalization or Authentication by the Secretary of State, as appropriate ...

Once the student has completed and approved the study plan, and is solvent both with the academic and administrative aspects, these degrees are sent by certified international courier to the address indicated by each graduate.

Notarized Transcript (Example Only)

Examply only Apostille of the Secretary of State 

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