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Welcome to Tau Divinity University (TDU)a private, Christian University in the State of Florida - USA. The programs offered by the university are designed to guide the motivated adult student towards an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, and Doctor of Education.

100% Online Degree Programs.

Today also facing the study with the right mindset can make us modify our possibilities to learn everything necessary. At the same time, having learned these contents will change our way of interpreting the world. The world we know and the higher education of today and the future is changing at an unimagined speed, and requires innovative approaches to better recognize the skills of people and the competencies that our world of work needs. Big data and artificial intelligence are transforming the ability to learn, in a challenging environment that requires combining the best of humans and machines.

Through the monitoring that we are doing from the University, we still do not know for sure, the changes that in the future will unleash the subsequent effects of the "coronavirus pandemic"; The coronavirus is forecast to not disappear quickly and can probably lead to a severe recession, in addition to all the loss and distortions in the world that we are experiencing today with the global public health crisis since its appearance in China. Hence the imperative that we form society and the economy in accordance with the emerging reality.

The purpose that we have today, to study and reach a degree, is more than simply the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge and learning should be considered only as means to better serve God.

The more we unite with heart and soul and the more we understand nature's guidance, the less our anxiety about the future will diminish. Our consciousness will expand and we will begin to discover a higher dimension that wisely nourishes us, the force of nature. This is a force whose distinctive characteristic is love and pure self-giving.

The coronavirus is not only an epidemic designed to harm and destroy, but it is an evolutionary puzzle that we must solve together. Our success will depend on our unity, not only to surf the wave of the pandemic, but to reach the top of the wave and have a healthy and safe future.

Therefore, we study to learn and learn to do.

Motivation is not only important in business, it also applies to all aspects of your life. To be successful professionally, socially, mentally and even physically, motivation is the driving force that will lead you to achieve it. With this in mind, we know that a degree from Tau Divinity University can enhance a career in either the field of Religion and Seminary, as well as in any other field, including personal entrepreneurship.

Under the rule of great men and above all the guidance of God, the pen is more powerful than the sword.

Due to the dynamics of the current world of work, a professional who graduates from university today will have, on average, several different jobs in his life. This requires that at least every so often, professionals must reinvent themselves and / or update their skills to better adapt to the demands of a changing world. Therefore, it is important that the educational system is more agile, affordable and relevant than it is today, since what is expected in the future is that the only constant will be change.

Today we know that hard skills will get you interviews, but soft skills will get you a job.

Soft skills (Soft Skills) are a series of personal skills that have interpersonal relationships and teamwork and team as their axis. They are a synergy of social skills, of communication skills, of being, of interaction with others, among others. They realize the ability to interact with other people successfully and maintain high-level relationships. Hard skills are the technical skills required or acquired to perform certain tasks or functions, and which are achieved and developed through training, education, training and, sometimes, in the same exercise of functions and which obviously They are necessary.

We also know that the person who stops studying simply because he has finished school or college is inevitably destined for mediocrity forever, whatever his vocation. The path of success is the path of the continuous search for knowledge.

With all this in mind, our educational offer is varied and of high academic quality, through online studies that admitted students can carry out from their country or place of residence. Undergraduate and graduate programs in the categories of ministry, counseling, theology, education, administration, music, fine arts, media communication, or social work.

Our study plan is designed to provide high quality and accessible higher education to professionals, lay people and ministers who wish to have a better preparation, recognition and certification.

Each grade level has been designed to complete in approximately 18 months on average. Degree requirements can be completed before or after the 18-month average, depending on the student and the amount of time available to devote to their studies and courses.

Tau Divinity University, promotes erudition, critical thinking, and academic optimization, through real programs and curricula within the framework of the various academic activities carried out in TDU, each student. TDU helps its students find the keys to success, to recognize the value of human experience, through learning and the search for truth as a special opportunity, and we encourage students to combine both their vocation and passion to integral success, well-being and progress, educating and perfecting themselves as leaders in a complex world.

We are committed to integrity and excellence in life, profession, and business.

Our teachers, mentors, researchers and counselors are qualified in the various disciplines we teach.

Therefore, if you meet the entry requirements we invite you to perfect yourself for the future and the challenges you must face better for your survival in a world where the technological revolution of recent years is changing everything: not only how we live and relate to each other but also how we work. Post-secondary education worldwide is experiencing rapid online development, open and flexible education, innovation in education and the need for quality higher education are important issues.

If you want to integrate as a student in our institution, you will be welcome in a relevant and progressive institution.

I invite you to know our Faculty and learn more about our academic commitment. I hope you have the opportunity to also witness our concern to help students to reflect and face in a practical way the many problems posed in a globalized and multicultural world. And have the opporunidad in TDU to strengthen your faith and expand your tools, skills and professional resources. As they participate in learning and research, in service, ministries, profession, family, and education in the field of study, they will be better equipped to shape their own future lives and generations to come.

Finally, I hope you know TDU well in these web pages. A diverse, global and inclusive community, oriented towards the exterior and solidarity, within which the intellectual ideals and the ideals of conscience and social participation are part of our commitment.

In God we trust,

Dr. J. R. Rivas
Chancellor, Tau Divinity University (TDU), of Florida, USA. 

Dr. Jesus Rivas, is an Individual Member of the Florida Distance Learning Association (FDLA), an affiliate of the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA)

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