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Famous moments of life with Tau Divinity University, of Florida, USA!

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The rebirth of education and work linked to personal vocation: a path of happiness and success.

Prepare now and connect with ample possibilities for a better future.

A training that will allow you to ensure your steps in life and to evolve towards a life of greater success and happiness.

A vision of modern education with Christian orientation, to help people channel their vocation with work in the community and in public and private service.

"The spiritual path is simply the path of our lives, the whole world is on a spiritual path, but most do not know it."

Several years ago Sandra remembers, she lived in her youth a life of chaos in chaos.

When he recognized his best childhood friend, working in his father's company. A young ex-vocational missionary in his free time, with a Christian Bachelor degree in Theocentric Business and Ethics who worked as one of the most promising managers in the company of Sandra's parents, suggested that he work in a volunteer in his church and community could make him feel better, and told him how his life went from chaos to a centered and happy life in the service of the Creator, when after a transitory tunnel of chaos, darkness and negativity, he found the path of light of God, when he came to know the Bible and the Gospel and the Lord Jesus Christ as his mediator before God and personal savior.

The experience turned out to be the positive alteration of life, "in that encounter and, basically, that blessing was never left for the path of light that she would undertake", says Sandra.

Sandra had finished high school for three years, and had taken several courses, but at the time she was not sure what she wanted to do next. He decided to channel his vocation and complete an Associate of Arts program in Christian Human Services, which allowed him to develop continuing studies towards undergraduate and postgraduate studies. After a few years he says that it was the great positive change in his life to be able to serve the community and God, allowing him to earn his living, be in order with his family and his personal life, motivating him to continue with a great evolution in his life, until the point that he has become the right hand in his father's family business, as general manager and future successor in the chairmanship of the board of directors.

TAU Divinity University (TDU), encompasses a series of study programs, starting from the Associate of Arts / Associate of Science degree, Bachelor of Arts and Sciences (Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS); Arts and Sciences (Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MS), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), and Doctor of Education, Counseling, Theology, Ministry, Education , Administration, Music, Fine Arts, Media Communications, and Social Work, that prepare people to succeed in life.

Many older students and working adults see the TDU programs as an open and flexible education plan. Programs that can be developed with lapses of reasonable duration and affordable cost. This is ideal for adults who want to change careers, return to school after an absence, transition to the workforce after having children or serving the church, community or country.

TDU offers financial aid for students who qualify.

For various reasons as well as anything else, students unsure about their career options should consider pursuing a program at Tau Divinity University in an area that really thrills them. That certificate or title could be a quick ticket to a better paid job. Later, if they want or need more training, they can choose to return to get more education, by enrolling in another TDU program to complete a Bachelor's degree and pursue masters and doctoral studies.

Getting more training is exactly what many want to do, and it is necessary in a world where the technological revolution of recent years is changing everything.

Others want to get a job, just as others are inspired by aventure.

As an option or alternative, TDU as far as possible and if it is of the student's preference, it will have the option to develop their studies towards an entrepreneurial project as a transversal competence, which also motivates TDU with work and management in team to generate, direct and develop ideas of successful entrepreneurial projects. Those students who wish to work with this orientation from the beginning of the Program in TDU, must communicate it in the admission process.

The promotion of entrepreneurship, in the DNA of the TDU studies. What motivates innovation and the evolution of the idea to the model of new ventures, in a diverse global society.

The areas of employment or exits of the graduates of these programs are unlimited.

Comprehensive programs that train the student, in addition to preparing to continue studies of masters and doctorate.

These study programs are managed entirely online and therefore admitted students can do it from their country or place of residence. Participants must have a knowledge of English at the school level or their willingness to perfect it. Although some of the documents to study could appear in English, all the instruction, exercises and exams will be taught in Spanish. Each student will be assigned an academic assistant to the Academic Staff, who will assist at all times by email and in Spanish.

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