Tuition Information

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Tuition Information* 

* Rates shown are current as of today, but may change at anytime.

Tuition is a single fee, which includes counseling, services of faculty advisor and university staff, preparing and issuing degrees and transcripts.

Enrollment Fee: $ 0 (enrollment fee is not part of your tuition)

Graduation Fee: $ 650 (includes thesis or degree projects + diploma and transcript in english language + authentication degree or Apostille)

The amount of tuition and fees are established by the University Board of Directors. Tuition fees are subject to change.

All financial obligations to the University must be met before any diploma, certificate, Examining Board verification letter, or transcript of credit will be issued.

Payment Plans

TAU Divinity University (TDU) offers a 10% discount for full tuition payments received at the time of enrollment. Payment plans are available. Please contact the Admissions Department for details.

PROGRAM Plan 1, Payment in Full
Associates                $3,400
Bachelor                    $6,999
Masters                     $5,400
Doctoral                    $6,400
- - - - - -  10% discount

If you qualify, YOU CAN OBTAIN A REDUCTION OF UP TO 45% OF THE COSTS OF COLEGIATURE IN TDU. To request this financial support, send an email to the following address, and attach your Curriculum Vitae or Summary, and write a letter explaining the reasons for applying for this financial support---some restrictions.

Rev. July, 2017.

Plan 2, 24 Monthly Payments Plan 3, 32  Monthly Payments Plan 3, 48 Monthly Payments
Associates $142        $106.25   $70.83
Bachelor     $291.63        $218.72   $145.82
Masters      $225        $168.75   $112.50
Doctoral     $267        $200.00   $133.33
- - - - - -                   - - - -         - - - - - - -  

Payment: Visa, Master, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners | Deposit or bank transfer.

The University accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, and debit cards.


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Cancellation Policy 

The University has a refund policy to assist students who have officially withdrawn from the program. The schedule of tuition refunds, except costs of instructional materials and registration fees, is determined according to the following schedule:

The Enrollment Fee is non-refundable.

There are no tuition refunds for payments that have been made to the university. The one exception is for degree programs that have been paid for in full, in which case the college would prorate any refunds only as outlined below. Any refunds will include a deduction of a US$ 250 Administrative Fee to cover associated costs.

For example:

Withdrawal within 3-days of enrollment: full amount, less $250 Administrative Fee.

Withdrawal within two-weeks of enrollment: 90%, less $250 Administrative Fee.

Withdrawal within one-month of enrollment: 75%, less $250 Administrative Fee.

Withdrawal within 2-months of enrollment: 50%, less $250 Administrative Fee.

Withdrawal within 3-months of enrollment: 25%, less $250 Administrative Fee.

Withdrawal after 3-months: No Refunds

Tuition Cancellation

An applicant may cancel the enrollment by notifying the Admissions Department of the intention in writing. Such notice is effective from its date of mailing. Refunds will be made by the University within 30 days of the cancellation.

Financial Obligations

Students who have financial obligations incurred at the University and who fail to satisfactorily meet these obligations will be dismissed from the University and considered "Withdrawn Not in Good Standing". Re-admission to the University will not be considered until these obligations are met, at which time students will be subject to the re-admission requirements.

Other Costs

Students typically use a variety of learning resources such as  computer library searches, professional training, individual learning, consultants and seminars. The cost of these additional learning resources is the responsibility of the student and will vary according to past experience and the nature of study. Students should also be prepared to meet other costs incidental to their program such as books and study materials.

TDU retains registrations of every single student and does not give them back. TDU only returns descriptive documents (Transcripts) to current students or graduates without any cost by the time of graduation. Before the process of graduation every additional solicitude shall be charged in the amount of $ 20.

For Admission Requirements and curriculum information for all programs TDU, click here.

If you have any question, please write to: