Terms and Conditions 1

Terms and Conditions

When submitting your admission application, for a TAU Divinity University (TDU) degree program, you agree to the following:

1. Application for Registration.

Your application, once submitted online, by e-mail or fax, shall be reviewed by the University and, if feasible your application, we shall indicate you:  

1.1.- The documents to be presented in PDF or word format (diplomas or degree titles copies, certificates and transcriptions, of the previous courses made) .

1.2.- The admission steps to follow.

1.3.- Admission is at the discretion of TDU’s Admission Committee, followed by a final review by the Academic Dean.

1.4.- Once the official transcripts are reviewed and the credential analysis performed, and you have signed the agreement (Regulation) with TDU, you are ready to begin.

If you have any questions, please send an email to: admissions@tdu.education

2. Registration Agreement.

The registration fee is non-refundable. I declare that all information provided in this application is true and correct. I shall give proof of it when requested by TDU or by third parties anytime. I understand that the information provided is in the utmost confidence and that TDU may require verifications.

Once accepted, the required courses must be successfully completed and approved as indicated by the University, and in accordance with all terms and conditions provided in the electronically signed agreement (Program Regulation) before the curriculum begins.

During the curriculum development, the student shall keep copies of the evaluation minutes with the grades obtained in each course, a version of the presented report (or Thesis), and copy of the vouchers of each payment made to the University. These documents, shall be the unique documents that TDU recognize in case of discrepancy between the University and any claim from the student.

3.  Possible Interruption of Studies.

If you need a permit greater than 3 months due to unforeseen circunstances,  to resume your studies, you must notify the University in writing to request the permit. With the prior approval, you may take free time to attend the unexpected problems that may arise after your enrollment. An unexcused absence (without having presented work during three (3) consecutive months), without prior authorization, shall result in an “inactive” classification for you. Inactive students must pay a reactivation fee of $ 250, in order to continue with their studies. Those who have not presented  work for a period of 6 months or more (without prior approval), shall be considered as withdrawn from the program.

4. Tuition Payments.

Those who are in a tuition-financing plan for their degree program, must complete their tuition obligation in full, before being eligible for the granting of a degree. You must be up-to-date in your payments to receive the evaluations and continue with the next course of the curriculum.

5. Cancellation Conditions.

Registration fee is non-refundable.

If the student wants to withdraw from curriculum once enrolled, he must do so in writing and TDU shall proceed according to Tuition Refund Section, detailed in https://tdu.education/eng/tuition-information

Please, keep in mind that the cancellation conditions which were previously indicated, shall be applied only to TDU’s degree programs. Certification programs (for example, courses that can be certified by TDU, independent of our degree programs, have their own policies as to tuition payment, cancellation, rescheduling, etc. If you register for a certification program, please be sure to revise the specific conditions for that course.

6. Credits Transfers.

As in any university program, when there is a need to transfer credits to other university or educational institute, the amount of the credit granted, in your case, totally depends on the evaluation policy of each institution. As TDU reserves its right to accept the credits transfer from other universities, other institutions reserve the same right when determining how they shall manage the transfer of credit . If you are planning to transfer a TDU credit to any other university or specific institution, we suggest you communicate in advance to ask about the school policy as to credits transfer from TDU before enrolling. TDU gives no guarantees regarding the amount of credits that other institutions could accept for their studies performed in our institutions.

7. Tuition Agreement.

You are committed to pay the tuition according to your selected tuition payment plan. Each student of an entry degree program, selects one of the payments options offered by TDU, which shall be established in writing in a document with a copy to the student, which must be electronically signed by the student before your studies program begins.

8. Studies Methodology and Standards.

All students receive at the beginning of each Degree Program:
* Detailed study plan.
* Standards for the research reports preparation.
* Report sample to present.
* Brief induction to the study program.
* Support, follow up and ongoing academic advise.
* Guidelines, introduction, objectives, content, references and bibliography for each independent research course.

Soon, there shall be access to a virtual campus with educational resources to supplement the study and research of the student. A web site of private resources, password protected for the TDU’s enrolled students, which shall be a support element of the programs.

Although we make every effort to keep the virtual campus, TDU offers no guarantee of availability, access or compatibility for the use with your computer system. Students are solely responsible for their ability to access the online campus system. This includes, but is not limited to the knowledge of the operation of a computer, a computer system that works properly and a functional connection to the Internet. Sometimes, some companies or even whole countries may apply network filters which may limit or restrict your access to the online campus system, or other characteristics of other school website developers. TDU is not responsible for any network filtering, if the filters are in place now - or anytime in the future.

9. Payment Conditions.

Visa, MasterCard o American Express credit cards, wire transfer of bank deposit.

Students may select among the aforementioned payment methods, and agree to a payment plan adapted to their specific case, which shall remain established in writing in the admission process.

Students are responsible for keeping their payment plan up-to-date.

Payments not received within fourteen (14) days after the installments due date, shall be charged with default interests.

The late payment charge is $ 10 for any monthly payment not received within the grace period of 14 days. The student payments not received within thirty (30) days following the installments payment date shall be notified of the delay. Payments not received for two consecutive months shall derive in the “inactive” status for the student. Once a student account has been in the “inactive” status, the student shall not take the following course. After six (6) months of irregularity in payment  a restitution fee of $250 shall be required. After (12) months of inactivity the student shall be required to reapply to continuo in the University.

10. TDU shall not be  legally responsible for suspension of activities due to providential events. It is expressly agreed that the parties shall have no liability for damages that may have arisen as a consequence of unexpectd events. The admission applicant perfectly knows TDU´s educational offer as published in its website www.tdu.education