Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for PRE-ADMISSION  Leer en Español click here.

I have read the website of Tau Divinity University, and I agree to comply with the established standards. I have told the truth in the best possible way on this pre-admission application. In addition, I acknowledge that no other representation has been made to me in writing or orally, and that if admitted to complete the admission process, the University will indicate to me by e-mail:

1.-. The documents that I must submit in pdf or word format (copies of my diplomas or degrees, certificates and transcripts of the previous studies, identity document with photo, among others that deserve).

2.- Steps to follow for my admission, fees, study plan and payment plans.

3.- Admission is at the discretion of the University Admissions Committee, followed by a final review by the Academic Dean. After my pre-qualification has been approved, I must make the enrollment payment, the first tuition fee or the one agreed upon in the admission process.

4.- Once the credential analysis has been completed, the agreed enrollment payment has been made and the agreement has been signed (Regulation that will govern my study program) with the University, I will be ready to begin. The signature of the regulation is electronic (response from my email, in accordance with the instructions included in the body of the Regulation).

5.- In the next 24 to 72 hours, after step 4, I will be receiving by e-mail, the rules for the presentation of the research work (with their respective examples). Detailed study plan, material, references and bibliography for the beginning of the Study Plan.

6.- If I have any questions, I should write to: admissions@tdu.education

7.- I give permission to Tau Divinity University to order and review the transcripts of educational institutions that I have previously attended.

8.- All the information provided in this application is subject to verification and will be confidential.