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 Welcome to Tau Divinity University (TDU).

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We are proud to present, a new, global, non-sectarian online theological studies private university (TDU). Our premise is that based on independent study programs, students will have the opportunity to position themselves as graduates of a degree from the United States of America, under our academic direction, methods and study system in the categories of ministry, counseling, theology, education, administration, music, fine arts, media communication or social work.

Our educational offer allows us to grant degrees of Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, and Doctor of Education, through studies that you can perform online from your country of residence. The goal of the university is to help its students find the keys to success through theological teaching, to recognize the value of human experience, through learning and the search for truth as a special opportunity.

Our curriculum is designed for those seeking recognition, certification and ministerial improvement, as professionals and professors.

Tau Divinity University - Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy -, is an online educational institution of the State of Florida, United States of America. Authorized by the State of Florida, Independent Education Commission of the Department of Education, Section 1005.06 (1) (f), that promotes erudition, critical thinking, and academic optimization, through real programs and plans of study within the frame of the diverse academic activities carried out in TDU, each student.

One of the important aspects for the human being is the understanding of the truth of the religion he professes, and combining both his vocation and the passion for integral success, well-being and progress, educating and perfecting himself as leaders in a complex world.

The teachers, researchers and advisors of TDU are educators qualified in theology, and in the various specialties that we teach.

Therefore, if you meet the entry requirements we invite you to perfect yourself for the future and the challenges you must face better for your survival in a world where the technological revolution of recent years is changing everything: not only how we live and relate to each other but also how we work. Post-secondary education worldwide is experiencing rapid online development, open and flexible education, innovation in education and the need for quality higher education are important issues.

If you wish to become a student at our institution, you will be welcome to continue being a relevant and progressive institution.

I invite you to know well our educational offer and learn more about our academic commitment, in a non-sectarian university that allows you to study with special attention to the religious tradition that you are professing or another of your interest. I hope you have the opportunity to also witness our concern to help students reflect and face in a practical way the many problems posed in a globalized and multicultural world, both in history and in contemporary life. And have the opporunidad in TDU to expand their tools and resources during our tuition. As they participate in learning and research, in service, ministries and field education, they will be better equipped to shape their own future lives and generations to come.

Finally I hope you know well, TDU in these web pages. A diverse, global and inclusive community, oriented towards the exterior and solidarity, within which the intellectual ideals and the ideals of social conscience and participation, are part of our commitment.

Dr. Jesús R. Rivas
Executive Director & Academic Director, Tau Divinity University (TDU) - Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy -.

University Professor, motivator, counselor and coach

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