Educational Model

Tau Divinity it is a non-sectarian university that welcomes all students regardless of their religious affiliation, which means that each student can study our degree program, with guidance in their own religion; however, the University was established to ensure that "every stimulus is encouraged to the serious and impartial investigation of Christian truth and its antecedents of Judaism."

The mission of the University, guide our faculty of Theology, with a broad sense, a mission that seeks to promote scholars of first level and an important critical erudition; prepare individuals for professional ministry and for service professions; and develop not only religious leaders who will contribute to national and international public discussion, but also leaders in a variety of other fields: Counseling, Theology, Ministry, Education, Administration, Music, Fine Arts, Media Communications, and Social Work, whose work will be enriched by theological studies.

The education model of Tau Divinity University, offers the student an accelerated education creating a bridge between their studies and previous experiences and an educational process that is based on programs (areas of knowledge) adapted to the goals of study executed through of virtual resources and internet (online), teacher facilitation system, etc., with profound changes in the way of conceiving and imparting education aimed at the experienced adult, which tends beyond memorizing the content, teaching how to process that information .

An educational management model that integrates information technologies and telecommunications, with the following characteristics:

     * Focused on student learning

     * Asynchronous communication between teachers and students, without limitations of time and space, via Internet.

     * Development of cognitive abilities of the student: capacity for analysis, synthesis and formulation of judgments.

     * Promotion of distributed and collaborative learning and teamwork with the Academic Staff of Tau Divinity University.

The Tau Divinity University (TDU) study programs are designed to take the motivated adult student, starting from the Associate of Arts / Associate of Science degree, Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor Of Science (BS), Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MS), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Doctor of Education, In Counseling, Theology, Ministry, Education, Administration, Music, Fine Arts, Media Communications and Social Work.

We welcome students from the United States and around the world.

Applicants with the necessary requirements can achieve through our program what a traditional system requires long stays on the university campus with full-time attendance, in a wide range of specialties, careers, masters and doctorates, without departing from their area Of commitment and work.